Fans of BBC's The Victim think they have already worked out who is the real killer

Do you know who really killed Anna's son in The Victim?

BBC One's new drama The Victim began on Monday night, and saw the mum of a murdered child accused of arranging an attack of the man thought to be behind her child's death, but who denies any wrongdoing. So was Anna really behind the vicious attack? And is Craig entirely innocent? Although viewers' allegiances changed throughout the opening episode of the four-part series, others were quick to take to Twitter to point out who they thought was the real culprit behind the crime.

Anna is accused of arranging Craig's attack

Since Anna's son was murdered years ago by a then 14-year-old named Eddie J Turner whose identity has been changed since his release, fans were quick to suggest that it was actually her daughter Louise's boyfriend who was the real killer. One person wrote: "I bet Turner is the daughter's boyfriend and not Craig Myers," while another added: "It was the daughter's boyfriend. He's Eddie." However, others weren't too sure, with one writing: "The daughter's boyfriend seems too obvious - what I want to know is - who was the boy at the beginning, with the pills, hugging the mum?" Another person added: "I definitely think the daughter's boyfriend is dodgy but he'd need to be older to be the killer, I reckon he's the other brother's real dad maybe? OR... maybe it's Craig's wife that's the killer OR the curtain twitcher lady! Maybe I don't know at all."

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Speaking about the series, screenwriter Rob Williams told Radio Times: "What has become really clear to me is that there is always a story behind every crime, from the seemingly trivial to the biggest crimes. We look for the black and the white, not least because the law demands black and white, it demands a goodie and a baddie and a villain and a hero. Life's not like that, it seems to me. And when you dig into the reasons behind crimes, all sorts of crimes, they're always just far more nuanced and fascinating as a result of going beyond the surface."

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