Everything you need to know about The Victim

This looks seriously gripping!

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Need something new to watch now that MotherFatherSon and The Bay are coming to an end? The Victim is a four-part drama series that will promise to have you on the edge of your seat for almost every night this week. From the all-star cast to where it is filmed, here's everything you need to know about The Victim…

Where can I watch The Victim

The Widow will air for the first time on BBC One on Monday 8 April at 9pm. It will be available shortly after on BBC iPlayer. The four-part series will air throughout the week on BBC One, with the finale being shown on Thursday – meaning that you won't have to wait long to ponder the truth behind the mystery of the show. Speaking of…


What is the plot of The Victim?

Anna Dean's nine-year-old son was murdered 15 years ago when his supposed killer's identity was revealed online and subsequently attacked. However, the man who has been identified as the killer swears that he is not the person who harmed Anna's son. Was Anna behind revealing his identity? And is Craig telling the truth? Meanwhile, the detective behind the investigation, DI Grover, struggles with his personal connections to the case.

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Who is in the cast of The Victim?

Kelly Macdonald plays Anna Dean, and if her voice sounds familiar, chances are that you have seen Brave, in which Kelly voices the lead character, Merida. She has also starred in the Black Mirror episode Hated in the Nation. In The Victim, viewers won't be certain whether Anna really is behind conspiracy to murder, or whether she is simply a grieving mother. Meanwhile, John Hannah plays DI Grover, the detective working on the case. John is perhaps best known for his role in Four Weddings and a Funeral. He has also starred in Sliding Doors, Atlantis and Agents of SHIELD. James Harkness plays Craig Myers, the victim of the attack who is revealed to be a child murderer – or is it a case of mistaken identity? James is known for his roles in Macbeth, Rogue One and Tin Star.

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Where is The Victim filmed?

The series is set in Edinburgh, however, only parts of the new series were actually filmed in the picturesque city. The show was also filmed in Glasgow and Largs. During their time in Largs, the crew filmed for two days in Green Shutters Café, and the owner opened up about the experience to Glasgow's Evening Times, saying: "To be honest if they asked me to do it again, I don't think I would," due to the inconvenience. Speaking about filming in Scotland, the head of drama at STV Sarah Brown told Screen Scotland: "We are so proud to be putting Scottish on and off screen talent front and centre in STV's first drama for the BBC, and we are incredibly grateful to Screen Scotland."

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