Line of Duty fans notice glaring error – but was it deliberate?

Why can't the head of the OCG spell?!

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Line of Duty fans were quick to comment on a spelling error on Sunday night's episode – but was it deliberate? In the show, the OCG (that's 'organised crime group' to non AC-12 personnel) receive instructions from the main corrupt officer, known only as 'H' via an instant messaging program. The mysterious corrupt officer's message reads: "Eastfield Depot is definately high risk." Fans were quick to point out the mistake, with one writing: "Of all the ways in which H is a monster, the most upsetting is 'definitely' his spelling."


Who is 'H' in Line of Duty?

Another person added: "H in @Line_of_duty really is a monster. His/her crimes against spelling need to be clearly cited in the inevitable Reg 15." However, others thought that the misspell would return in a more significant way later in the series, with one tweeting: "So 'H' can't spell but can mastermind high level Police corruption! Must be a good reason for the spelling mistake. Wondering if something as simple as this will lead the reveal of the real 'H'?" Another person wrote: "Does anyone know what Hastings' spelling is like?"

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Steve and Kate in Line of Duty

The series has already hinted that Hastings will come under suspicion as the corrupt officer in season five, and Adrian Dunbar confirmed on Lorraine that his character "comes under scrutiny" during the series. The show's creator Jed Mercurio has also revealed that his actions from previous seasons – most notably when he killed a balaclava man, will have repercussions, explaining: "It does leave Hastings open to the accusation that he should have done more to preserve life in that situation and preserve a key witness."

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However, others have suggested that suspicion surrounding Ted is simply a red herring, with one writing: "Line of Duty: *Suspicious Ted Scene* Me: TED HERRING! Ted is PURE. Don't speak to me or my Ted EVER again." Another tweeted: "Ted would definitely know how to spell definitely. To the letter."