EastEnders spoilers: Sean Slater returns – but it's not how you might expect

Your weekly spoilers for Monday 22 April to Friday 27 April

Hanna Fillingham

EastEnders fans have been long-awaiting Sean Slater's return to Albert Square after it was revealed earlier in the year, but Stacey's brother isn't going to be having a heartwarming moment with his family anytime soon like you might have hoped. Despite the fact that his mum Jean is currently battling breast cancer in hospital, Sean fails to tell her or Stacey that he is back in Walford. So just why has he returned? It won't be long before we find out. Elsewhere, Louise Mitchell is in grave danger having been taken by Midge, and her family are desperately looking for her. Will they find her in time, or does Phil Mitchell pay the ultimate price?


Will Louise be found okay?

Monday 22 April – The Mitchells attempt to rescue Louise

Having seen Louise get bundled into a car by Midge, Keanu desperately calls Phil, who arrives with Ben in tow. Ben worries when Phil realises Danny must be behind everything as they race to rescue Louise, who has been locked in a shipping container. Keanu is the one to find Louise as they reach the docks, but as he unties her, Midge comes from behind and knocks him unconscious, locking both of them in. Elsewhere, Sharon informs everyone that Louise is in danger, and things only get worse when Billy tries to calm the situation, but instead drops Phil in it. Also in the episode, Kush confides in Kat and asks her for some advice, while Jay tells Ruby that he wants to make things official – which she agrees to much to his surprise.


Ruby and Jay go official with their relationship

Tuesday 23 April – Jay and Ruby celebrate their relationship

Jay and Ruby celebrate being an item, but it isn't long before Lola arrives at The Vic. When she tells Jay that Louise is in danger, he rushes off. Billy – wanting Lola to stay in Walford – asks Ruby to give Lola a job, but she soon regrets it after realising she will be working with Jay's ex. Meanwhile, Shirley tries to support Jean who admits she is worried about her cancer diagnosis, and as she opens up to her friend, Shirley admits that she knows Jean is trying to look for Sean. However, after trying to talk her out of it, Shirley finds Jean wanting to move back home to be with Stacey in a bid to get her help in finding him. The hunt for Louise heightens as Phil is knocked from behind after sending Danny a threatening text.


Jean is desperate to track Sean down

Thursday 25 April – Sharon makes a shock discovery

Pressure is still on the Mitchell family and things get worse when Sharon makes a discovery that threatens to tear the entire family apart. Elsewhere, Stacey is happy to have Jean living back at home, but as they talk about Sean, Jean gets annoyed when she finds out that Stacey had already tried to contact him but the number didn't work. Jean then decides to try herself, and borrows Habbiba's number to leave her son a message.

Friday 26 April – Sean returns to Albert Square

Jean is still determined to find Sean but it all gets too much for Stacey, who reveals to Jean that she spoke to Sean and he knows everything. Jean heads to her appointment as Stacey leaves the hospital to get the children from school, both of them unaware that Sean has arrived back home. Elsewhere, Ruby gets jealous when she spots Lola getting a good luck card from Jay, which results in her giving Lola a hard time at work. Mitch worries about Bailey after not hearing from her, and when Keegan offers to go and check in on her, he is shocked to see how frail Dinah is.

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