EastEnders spoilers: Louise Mitchell finds herself in danger

Your weekly spoilers for Monday 15 April to Friday 20 April

Hanna Fillingham

Louise Mitchell is unaware that Keanu Taylor has been given strict instructions from Phil to protect his daughter at all costs from Midge – who he owes money to – but this week in EastEnders Keanu fails the task, leaving Louise in serious danger. Having been put in charge of minding Louise, he has been ferrying her around over the past few weeks, but after getting the wrong idea, Louise makes a move on Keanu – who is quick to reject her advances. Storming off, Louise will find herself fall into the hands of Midge – who quickly befriends her. Just what will happen to Phil's daughter next? Elsewhere in the Square, Bex struggles with the pressures from Sonia and her teacher about university applications, while Stacey gets in touch with Sean.


Louise will find herself in danger with Midge 

Monday 15 April – Stacey debates with getting in touch with Sean

Stacey is left feeling hurt when Jean refuses to come home to the Slaters, but when Shirley tells her that seeing Sean is the only thing that Jean really wants, Stacey contemplates getting in touch with her brother. Elsewhere, Bex confides in Martin that she doesn't want to go to university, but is left horrified when she finds out that her dad is working at the chippy to help pay for her fees. Mitch goes to help Dinah and arrives with Bailey, Keegan and Chantelle, but they find her in a worrying situation. Mel becomes victim to vandalism after finding out that someone has thrown a brick through her window, while Jay and Lola get close.


Bailey worries about her mum

Tuesday 16 April – Bailey worries about her mum

Karen tells Mitch off for avoiding his responsibilities with Bailey. Keegan, meanwhile, borrows some money from Karen to surprise Bailey and Dinah with lunch. Bailey worries though when she overhears them discussing what will happen if Dinah moves into a home. Sonia and Martin plan to help Bex look the part for her Oxford Exchange Day, and secretly rope Kush into giving her a dress from his stall. Mel, meanwhile, tries to impress Jack with breakfast but he sees right through her efforts, while Kathy is surprised after hearing Lola's news.

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Bex is feeling the pressure 

Thursday 18 April – Bex struggles with the pressure from Sonia and her teacher

Bex is struggling with the pressures from Sonia and her teacher and sneaks off from the university event. While outside, she gets chatting to a girl named Ellie. Meanwhile, Denise, Kim and Mitch prepare for the salon opening, and Jack is left taken aback when Mel suggests that they go into business together. Stacey reflects on her phone call with Sean, but Kat is left taken aback when Stacey admits she's spoken to her brother.

Friday 20 April – Louise finds herself in danger

A family lunch is being prepared at the Mitchells, but as Sharon and Louise pop out beforehand, they are unaware that Midge is watching them from afar. When everyone arrives at the house, things don't go to plan when Keanu arrives for his wages and Phil insists that he spends time with Louise. Keanu then rejects Louise's advances and she storms off. Later, Midge – who has been following her – has the perfect opportunity to befriend Louise. When Keanu receives a message from Phil demanding to know where Louise is, he soon rushes off to find her, but when he realises she is with Midge, it becomes clear that she's in danger.

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