Big Narstie reveals REAL reason he quit Great British Bake Off

Poor Big Narstie!

Emmy Griffiths

Big Narstie has opened up why he quit Great British Bake Off. The famous face took part in the first two challenges of the show before leaving before the Showstopper challenge for medical reasons, and has now revealed that he actually collapsed and had to be admitted to hospital. Speaking to Radio Times, he explained: "Truth be told, between TV and my music career, they’ve been working me... So… nine days with only 24 hours sleep… I… collapsed, you get me? I went to hospital. That was a wake up that I really needed to slow down. I'm only a human being. I'm not a robot."

Sandi stepped up for Big Narstie

He continued: "I realised that opportunities don't mean shit if you're not healthy. If I haven't rested or I haven't slept or had food or done the normal basic things as a human being, how could I stand in front of a camera and do stuff, you know what I mean? It's mad! When my body just gave up it was crazy!" Luckily, the star had the show's presenter Sandi Toksvig to stand it for him, who donned an apron and called herself 'Lil Narstie' during the challenge.

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Explaining the situation, Noel Fielding said: "There's been a development overnight. Unfortunately, Big Narstie can't be with us today as he's a little bit unwell, but he will be replaced by another baker. It's a seamless swap, don't worry." Joking about her time baking on the show, Sandi said: "Two years of presenting and I've obviously learned nothing apart from saying 'ganache' with confidence." She later added: "I think the important thing is that I don't think people will notice that Big Narstie wasn't there. I think in a way, I became Big Narstie."

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