Watch the intense new trailer for The Handmaid's Tale season three 

Blessed be the fight.

Emmy Griffiths

Blessed be the fight. The full-length trailer for The Handmaid's Tale season three premiered on Wednesday, and sees June fighting back against the oppression of Gilead. In the voiceover of the trailer, she says: "Heresy, that's what you get punished for. Not for being part of the resistance because officially, there is no resistance. Not for helping people escape because officially, there's no such thing as escape."

The trailer revealed some insight into what to expect in season three after the events of season two, in which June gives her baby daughter to her friend Emily in order for them to escape Gilead together, unable to leave her other daughter, Hannah, behind. In the clip, June is once again a handmaid, but is now living at Commander Joseph Lawrence's home, who helped Emily to escape. It also shows Emily safely making it to Canada, where baby Nicole is taken care of by June's husband, Luke.

Elisabeth Moss plays June

The trailer also reveals that Serena Joy will be joining with June to force change in Gilead after realising how brutal the regime had become. Fans were delighted with the trailer, with one writing: "June and Serena resisting together. Sign me up," while another added: "The acting is phenomenal - particularly from the leading ladies... Any time June, Serena, or Aunt Lydia are in scenes together in any combo - just outstanding... Glad it's out a bit later this year with how crowded the TV schedule is; excited to see the 3rd season!"

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Based on Margaret Atwood's 1985 novel of the same name, The Handmaid's Tale follows June as she navigates life as a sexual slave forced to bear children under a religious and political dictatorship. Elisabeth was awarded a Golden Globe for her incredible performance in the Channel 4 drama, which also features performances from Joseph Fiennes and Samira Wiley.

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