First Dates fans confused after hopeful reveals she is married

Melissa opened up about her marriage to her date, Damian

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Fans were seriously confused while watching First Dates on Tuesday when hopeful singleton, Melissa, revealed to her date that she was actually already married! The mother-of-two was meeting with masseuse Damian for the first time, who spotted that she was wearing a diamond ring on her ring finger. Asking her about it, he said: "It looks like you're married," to which she replied: "I am." However, Damian doesn't have to worry about beginning an affair with Melissa, as she revealed that she actually married herself back in June 2018 after a bad break-up. She explained that she had been married twice before and wanted to celebrate herself. Damian clearly didn't mind that Melissa had decided to commit to herself – and admitted that he would like a second date.


Melissa and Damian are going on a second date

Fans were quick to discuss the revelation, with one writing: "So, this girl on first dates who married herself, would she have to divorce herself before she got married again or would she get arrested for bigamy? That [expletive] has blew my mind," while another added: "Hold the phone #FirstDates. She married herself???? WTF."

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Meanwhile, another first date on Tuesday night had viewers in tears when trucker Tony revealed to his date that he had a son who he hasn't seen in over ten years. He said: "I have one son, [he's] 14 this year. I've not seen him since he was about nine months old. His mother didn't want me to see him so I just [left]." Fans were quick to respond to the sad situation, with one writing: "Oh, Tony. As a girl who grew up not being allowed to see her biological father, let me tell you that a child never stops thinking about that missing parent. I hope your son gets to meet you one day & that you can enjoy a very special, albeit delayed, relationship."

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