Deep State stars reveal why they think Prince William would make a great spy

We caught up with Alistair Petrie and Joe Dempsie

Emmy Griffiths

Stars of the espionage thriller Deep State, Joe Dempsie and Alistair Petrie, have opened up about how much preparation they did ahead of playing spies in the second series of the hit Fox show – and why they think that Prince William would make an excellent spy. The pair chatted to HELLO! ahead of the show's season two premiere, which will air on Fox TV on 9 May. When asked if they did their research on MI6, like Prince William, Alistair said: "He did three weeks of work experience!"


Prince William took part in work experience at MI6

Joe joked: "He needs to learn to keep some secrets," as Alistair continued: "Also, there was a massive picture on the front page of him at MI6. Maybe it's so blindingly obvious, he would make a really good spy." Joe added: "I think he would make a really good spy, yeah."


Alistair opened up about the role

Speaking about his own preparation for the role, Alistair, who also stars in Netflix's Sex Education, explained: "I spoke to someone who was within the world of MI6 to get that sense of what it is like. A lot of the stuff is really boring, they don't run around with guns down his trousers seven days a week. But equally it's not about the practicalities of really what they get up to – it's more about the mindset… All the intentions are really good, you know, like I do believe this might be the way I can somehow contribute and make the world slightly better."

He continued: "The mindset of someone. That is what you get into it as an actor, the mindset of an individual rather than the practicalities, and then you start reading books and all of that. You equip yourself - and because shooting television is so quick, your prep is what you bring to the table on the day, because you are shooting very quickly, so you have got your prep, your instincts and maybe learn the lines."

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