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Years and Years fans devastated after SHOCK death – see Twitter's reaction

Warning, huge spoilers ahead for episode three of Years and Years

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Russell T. Davies' new show Years and Years has already received a huge amount of praise from viewers and critics alike, but Tuesday night's episode packed a particularly emotional punch after killing off one of the show's main characters. Daniel was arguably the favourite member of the Lyons family, and fans were left devastated when he drowned while attempting to illegally cross the channel with his partner, Viktor.

The couple boarded a terrifying, overcrowded dinghy boat in the hopes of making it to the UK in order to save Viktor from being deported back to the Ukraine, where he would have been executed. While the episode only shows flashes of their journey, it then cuts to the devastating fallout of bodies littered across a beach, which included Daniel. Viktor then journeys back to Daniel's home and heartbreakingly tells his family.

years years 3© Photo: BBC

Dan died while trying to save his partner, Viktor

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Fans were quick to discuss the horrific twist in the show, with one writing: "The final 10 minutes of this weeks #YearsandYears was gut wrenching. The desperation of Danny and Viktor and the emotional realisation of the family was horrible to watch. One of the best dramas ever made." Another person added: "I didn't think Russell T Davies could top the intensity and shock of the first episode of #YearsAndYears, but he's just gone and done it with Episode 4. That was simply one of the most heart-stopping, horrifying, breath-taking pieces of television I have ever seen. Still shaking."

years years 2© Photo: BBC

Viktor told Daniel's family over the phone

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Many people also compared the scene to real life situations of refugees attempting to cross seas to safety, with one tweeting: "I am truly in tears. Truly sobbing. RTD showed what people needed to see. That is the true story of refugees. People who are desperate, trying to be safe. They're not a danger to us. They're vulnerable. They have people who love them. They matter."

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