Fans of 63 Up share emotional reaction to long-running documentary

Did you watch 63 Up, and what was your reaction?

Emmy Griffiths

Fans of the ground breaking documentary series Up have shared their reactions to the latest instalment of the documentary, 63 Up. The series, which was formed in 1964, has chronicled the lives of 14 people since they were just seven years old. Now 63, Tuesday night's show looked at the participants as they reflected on their lives so far, and many fans had a very emotional response.

Nick as a youngster

Now around retirement age, the new series followed the remaining 13 participants, as Lynn sadly passed away back in 2013. In the first of the three episodes, we checked in with Andrew, Sue, Andrew, Tony and Nick. While Sue joked about being engaged for 20 years, with still "no plans" to tie the knot, Nick sadly revealed that he was suffering from throat cancer, explaining: "I'm focused on fairly short-term futures at the moment."

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Nick as a teenager

Speaking about the episode, one person wrote: "I am 63. But I didn't watch #63Up tonight because I found previous episodes deeply upsetting. And I really can't explain why. I had a happy childhood and teenhood. We were a very blessed generation. But I can't bear to watch it. Any fellow oldies feel similar? I'd love to know." Another person added: "I'm 63 and I find it extremely poignant and am surprised that I find it unmissable viewing. So I empathise. It is an extraordinary piece of work with massive commitment from the makers and participants."

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Speaking about Nick's diagnosis, another person tweeted: "I've always found Nick in #63up so engaging and likeable and probably for me the most surprising outcome - to see that little farm boy go on to be a physics professor has been wonderful. So sad to see that he is very ill." Another person wrote: "I wish you well Nick. I really wish you well."

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