When is The Handmaid's Tale season three out in the UK? 

We'll be back in Gilead soon

Emmy Griffiths

The Handmaid's Tale season three was finally released in the US on Wednesday, leaving us poor fans in the UK hiding from social media in case we read any spoilers about the dystopian world of Gilead. Find out just when the show will be returning to our screens in the UK here...

Fortunately, we won't have to wait for too long! While the first two episodes are currently available on the US streaming service Hulu, it has been confirmed that it will be shown in the UK on Sunday 9 June. This certainly means that the UK is getting the show much quicker than other series such as Killing Eve, in which TV bosses waited until the entire eight episodes were aired in America before announcing that the boxset will be available on BBC iPlayer from Saturday.

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In the season two finale, Emily escapes with Nicole to Canada

So what will season three be about? While the season two finale saw June give up her opportunity to escape Gilead and go to Canada with her daughter, as she was unable to leave her other daughter, Hannah, behind, season three will deal with the ramifications of her actions. Speaking about what to expect from the new series, Elisabeth Moss told The Hollywood Reporter: "I think it's a much more complicated season."


Elisabeth opened up about the new series

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She continued: "I've found seasons in the past have been easier to speak about sometimes, because there's sort of one objective, there's one arc. There's almost a simplicity to some of the ideas. Now, what's really cool for us is we get to explore things that are a little bit more complicated. June's been there for a few years. She's changed. She's not the person that walked into Gilead anymore, and we're very clear about showing that."

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