Bake Off star Nadiya Hussain shares exciting family news

Congratulations Maryam!

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Nadiya Hussain has shared some seriously exciting news as she revealed that her daughter, Maryam, has been starring as little Cosette in Les Miserables! Sharing a snap of her delighted youngster with a signed poster from the cast, the celebrity baker wrote: "Just wanted to share my pride in my little girl! When we went to theatre for the first time three years ago, she left the theatre with no questions, just a few words in the back of the car. 'Mummy there is no one on stage with in between skin on stage like me'. Silence. 'Maybe one day I can be the girl with in between skin on stage'. She fulfilled her own prophecy. We haven't been allowed to say anything for weeks but now it's over we can!"


Maryam played little Cosette

Nadiya continued: "She has been to auditions, rehearsals, late late nights, meals in cars and spent weeks performing in Les Miserables at the theatre in MK! We watched her last performance last night and it's safe to say that I struggled to see past my tear filled cloudy eyes. We could not be more proud of our little girl! Cosette was Maryam and Maryam Cosette. She lived a dream for the last few weeks and the end was so emotional, but I hope she continues to dream, to fly, to soar to reach places never reached before. The girl with in between skin on stage, whoever you may play next, daddy and I are so very proud of you!"

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Little Cosette is the daughter of Fantine, who plays an integral part in the show after she is adopted by the main character, Jean Valjean, who raises her as his own while on the run from the law. The character also has a solo song, Castle on a Cloud. The mum-of-three's fans were quick to congratulate Maryam, with one writing: "Yasssss! Ma that's amazing you go girl!" Another person added: "Girls like Maryam change the world. You both must be bursting with pride and congratulations to you all."

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