EastEnders spoilers: Mel gets some shocking news about Hunter

Your weekly spoilers for Monday 19 August to Friday 23 August

Hanna Fillingham

Next week in EastEnders, Mel is alarmed when she finds out something sinister about her son Hunter – who is currently serving time in prison for the murder of his stepdad Ray. Elsewhere, Phil returns home to a surprise party, but celebrating is the last thing on his mind as he starts remembering more and more about the night of his attack. Tiffany gets her GCSE results, while Bobby ends up acting as the voice of reason for Max and Rainie – but will they listen to him?

Monday 19 August – Phil returns home

Phil leaves the hospital and returns home to a surprise welcome home party, but he is less than impressed with the efforts. He soon confronts Ben about his argument with Jay at the hospital, which leaves Ben feeling uneasy and he denies everything. Ben then rushes to find Jay to warn him, but Phil gets there first and asks Jay what happened. Phil later tells Shirley that he's remembered something else, and goes over to the Slaters to find Kat. Elsewhere, Mel is worried when she finds out that Hunter is being moved to another prison and calls Gray to ask him for some advice. Jean, meanwhile, tries to get information from Shirley to find out how much Phil remembers about his attack.


Phil returns from hospital

Tuesday 20 August – Gray receives some good news

Gray is in a celebratory mood when he tells Chantelle that he has a place on a course to become a solicitor advocate. Muski has news for Jack, and Callum helps Ben with a new lead on finding Louise. Phil continues to search for answers about what happened on the night he was attacked, and as he gets closer to the truth, those involved fear the worst and it's only a matter of time before both Ben and Kat find themselves being confronted again by Phil. Also in Albert Square, Mel arrives to discuss Hunter's case with Gray, but is upset when he tells her that there's nothing he can do. Chantelle then spots Mel leaving Gray's office…


Mel is shcoked when she finds out news about Hunter

Thursday 22 August – Mel discovers Hunter's escaped prison

Mel is shocked when she finds out that Hunter has escaped from prison. Elsewhere, it's the day of Dinah's death inquest and although the results are as expected, Mitch and Karen struggle to cheer up Bailey. Mitch later pours his heart out to Chantelle as he asked for help with Bailey, and Chantelle agrees to help pay for a telescope for her. Elsewhere, Tiffany is supported by Jean and Kathy as she opens her GCSE results, while Max is annoyed at Rainie when she keeps him from seeing Abi.


Tiffany gets her GCSE results

Friday 23 August – Mel continues to find out answers about Hunter

Mel demands an explanation from the police about how Hunter escaped and seeks legal advice. Rainie and Max continue to fight over their arrangements with Abi and when Ian and Kathy get involved, a huge argument ensues. Bobby then snaps at them and tells them that Abi should be put first.

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