Patsy Palmer reveals plans to make family reality show 

We would definitely tune in! 

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Patsy Palmer has revealed that she and her family are currently in talks to take part in a fly on the wall documentary about their home life. The EastEnders star opened up about the potential show to The Sun, and chatted about why it would be so different from& Keeping Up with the Kardashians.


Patsy revealed plans for a family documentary

The mum-of-four, who lives in LA with her family, explained: "Yes, it’s happening. We’re talking about it seriously with an American production company. The Kardashians are great – I know a couple of them and they’re really nice people, but we’re not them. We’ve got a lot more male energy in the family for a start, even the dogs are boys. And there’s me and Emilia trying to sort it all out. My daughter has an extremely close relationship with her father, which I love. It’s something I didn’t have personally. Girls need male role models whether they’re dads or friends – just honest, good men in their lives."

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Patsy is certainly having a busy time at the moment, as she recently returned to Albert Square in her iconic role as Bianca Jackson. Previously discussing the news, Executive Producer Jon Sen said: "When I joined the show in January, bringing Bianca Jackson back to the Square was high on my wish-list. I'm thrilled to announce that Patsy's agreed to return to reprise her iconic creation in a blistering storyline that will grip fans this autumn. There is no one more excited than me to see her step back into Albert Square again. I simply cannot wait."

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