EastEnders spoilers: Jean receives some devastatng news at the hospital

Your weekly spoilers for Monday 9 September to Friday 12 September

The residents of Walford will be recovering from the shock events of last week, with a ripple effect of devastation across Albert Square. But with any soap, life moves on quickly and there are plenty more twists and turns set to unfold in EastEnders next week. Fans won't be wanting to miss a thing, from Jean's devastating news at the hospital to Bobby's shock decision to move in with Max...

Monday 9 September - Gray sabbotages Chantelle's special day

It's the day of Chantelle's assessment at work and with the support of everyone around her, she passes with flying colours. Celebrations commence at The Vic, but things go sour when Gray makes a surprise return - and is quick to sabotage the festivities. He then covers his anger when Chantelle insists that she will be staying at the pub with everyone else. Elsewhere, Tina is tempted to join Shirley when she tells her about a job she's going to be doing for Phil abroad and invites her along.

Chantelle and Gray's troubles continue

Tuesday 10 September - Jean lies about her operation

Jean lies about her operation being postponed so that her family don't worry about her but Daniel is quick to see through her lies and offers her his support. Elsewhere, Gray takes out his frustration on Chantelle after feeling more and more left out by the Taylors. After lashing out at Chantelle, Gray begs her for his forgiveness but she soon makes a shocking discovery once alone. Elsewhere, Bobby sees a hallucination of Lucy and continues to struggle with his guilt. Bianca prepares for her weekend away but Keegan makes Tiffany think twice about joining her mum. Tiffany later berates Bianca for not being there for her and they have an emotional heart to heart, but Tiffany isn't prepared for her mum's bombshell.

Jean hears some devastating news

Thursday 11 September - Bobby takes drastic action to confront his past

Bobby is disgusted when Rainie tells him about her night with Ian and throws a bucket of water over his dad, storming off in anger. Max tries to calm down the situation and after telling Ian that Bobby knows the truth, he suggests that he's upfront with his son. Ian catches Bobby preparing to leave and as he pleads with him to stay, Bobby agrees. However, things soon get too much for him and he takes drastic action to confront his past. Elsewhere, Daniel's efforts to distract Jean ahead of her operation fall flat.

Friday 12 September - Jean hears some devastating news

After her operation, Jean is in good spirits when Kat gets Stacey on the phone, but Kat is quick to take the phone away when Daniel arrives. Daniel shares some devastating news with Jean - hi cancer has spread. Elsewhere, Gray attacks Chantelle, and Max tells Ian that he's agreed to let Bobby stay with him.

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