Gogglebox gets Downton Abbey makeover for new series

We've been expecting you, Giles and Mary!

Gogglebox is nearly back on our screens! The popular show, in which a host of families give their opinions on shows and news stories throughout the week, will return to Channel 4 on Friday at 9pm – and the official Twitter account has been hyping the show up with brilliant Downton Abbey themed posters. In the photos, Gogglebox stars including the Saddiqui family, siblings Pete and Sophie and married couple Giles and Mary, have been given a lavish makeover and are photoshopped on pictures of the Downton cast.

We've been expecting you

Fans were delighted with the new snaps, with one writing: "Loving these adverts @Tanialalexander ... can't wait to see @TheMalonesGB." Another person added: "I like it, Lord's Siddiqui's." A third person tweeted: "This is my favourite advertising poster ever." The official Twitter account also shared a clip of what to expect in Friday's episode, and wrote: "Thank #Gogglebox it's Friday! Brand new series starts tonight at 9pm on @Channel4."

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This will be the 15th series of the hugely popular show, and former Gogglebox stars Steph and Dom previously opened up to HELLO! about how they were originally scouted for the show. Dom explained: "I think things have changed now, but certainly when it started, the principle was that they were looking for people who didn't particularly want to be on telly and we didn't particularly want to be on telly. I think things have changed now, but it is made by the same people who did Four in a Bed and they just rang us up and asked us! And the rest is history!" Steph added: "Well, if someone says, 'Listen, I am going to give you a couple of hundred quid to sit on the sofa and get a bit smashed with your husband and watch the telly', what are you going to say? Come on, think about it!"

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