EastEnders spoilers: Sharon finds herself in a vulnerable situation

Your weekly spoilers for Monday 23 September to Friday 27 September

EastEnders fans have been anticipating the moment Sharon and Keanu's affair will be exposed, and it's looking like it won't be long - especially now Mel knows the truth. Next week in the BBC One soap, Mel will begin threatening Sharon, and as we have seen from spoiler photos, it doesn't look like it will end well either. Pictures published from the set showed actresses Tamzin Outhwaite (Mel) and Letitia Dean (Sharon) filming a car chase, and now fans are prediciting that one of them will end up losing their life as the story progresses. Elsewhere in the Square, Ben's generous behaviour shocks Louise and Keanu, while Gray tells Chantelle he will see a therapist about his violent behaviour.

Mel makes Sharon's life a misery

Monday 23 September - Mel blackmails Sharon

Mel is desperate for revenge on the Mitchells having discovered Sharon's affair with Keanu, and enlists Lisa's help in getting Keanu's phone and setting up a trap for Sharon. When Sharon realises Mel knows the truth, she warns her off but is later horrified to discover that Mel has the paternity test results. Sharon begs Mel not to tell anymore nbut Mel tells her she has one day to convince Louise to move back with Lisa - or she will tell everyone. Elsewhere, Keegan celebrates his birthday, and Tiffany manages to get him alone to explian her behaviour after storming out from the party after Louise made a nasty comment about her.

Tuesday 24 September - Gray tells Chantelle he's going to a therapist

Gray tells Chantelle that he wants to get help and that he will be going to a therapist about his behaviour. When Chantelle accidentally cuts her hand, he insists they go to A&E where the nurse spots Chantelle's bruises. Elsewhere, Mel continues to pressure Sharon, who thinks everything's been sorted after managing to persuade Louise and Keanu to move in with Lisa. However, Mel then tells her that it isn't over - and that she will be in touch.

Mel gets what she wants - but her threats to Sharon are far from over

Thursday 26 September - Mel makes a new demand to Sharon

Mel continues to blackmail Sharon and Lisa is suspicious, but Mel refuses to tell her the truth. She then resorts to drastic measures to get what she wants after Sharon gets the upper hand, and makes a threat that Sharon can't ignore, which leaves her shaken. Chantelle, meanwhile, supports Gray ahead of his therapy appointment and he promises never to hurt her again.

Friday 27 September - Ben has a new money-making scheme

Ben meets with a friend and asks him for help on his new money-making scheme. Elsewhere, Rainie does her best to convince Stuart that she's recovered, while Whitney fills Tiffany in on her holiday.

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