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Chris Ramsey reveals the one thing he won't say on Strictly Come Dancing

The comedian revealed all on his podcast…

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Gemma Strong
Gemma StrongOnline Digital News Director
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Chris Ramsey has been sharing some Strictly secrets on his podcast. The 33-year-old comedian, who has made it through to this week's semi-final with partner Karen Hauer, opened up about his time on the show in an open conversation with his wife Rosie Ramsey. As their chat turned to the competition, the couple spoke of their surprise that Chris has made it so far, with Rosie admitting she didn’t have high hopes for her husband. "I thought you might make it through to week two. Week three at a push!" she admitted. "And you know what, yes you are not a dancer, and yes there are some fantastic dancers there – we're all fully aware how amazing they are – but you're bloody trying hard! And you're not that bad! When you watch it you're actually pretty good."

chris ramsey wife

Laughing along in agreement, Chris added: "I believe the phrase is, I'm getting away with it!" "You're doing really, really well, but now the competition is tough," Rosie added. "It's really tough, and I think everyone that's in it now, I could see winning."

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Chris then shared some behind-the-scenes secrets. "Do you know, all those little bits we do to cameras, the behind-the-scenes stuff for you guys, all the little bits to camera when you see them on the camera going like, 'It's week ten, the pressure's on,' he said. "You'll hear everyone else, like Kelvin and Karim and all the other guys going like, 'Oh the pressure's on, the competition's heating up.' Do you know the camera team always say to me, 'Can you look down the camera and say, 'The pressure is on'. And I'm like, 'Nope.' Every week I go, I'm not saying that', because the pressure's not on. I'm literally feeling less and less pressure as I go on because I didn't think I'd get this far. I can't believe it. I'm actually astounded."

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Rosie then remarked, "I wonder if that's actually going in your favour. Rather than feeling the pressure, and wanting to win, you're actually growing in confidence because you can't physically believe you are still in the competition! So you're just like, 'Well, you know, let's just see what happens.' And obviously you've got a wife at home who's very much like, 'Can we please just be done with this?'" As Chris laughed, she continued: "Can we put the Christmas tree up? Can we go Christmas shopping? Can we get some stuff out the loft that I need? Can you just hang some pictures up?!"

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