Fans outraged after popular Netflix drama cancelled after one season 

Are you disappointed that Spinning Out has been cancelled? 

Emmy Griffiths

Netflix has cancelled the popular new drama Spinning Out, much to the disappointment of its passionate fanbase. The series, which was released on 1 January, follows a young competitive figure skater, Kat Baker, who returns to ice skating following a traumatic fall alongside her new partner, Justin. Deadline broke the news shortly after it was revealed that the new show Soundtrack was also cancelled after its season one premiere.


Spinning Out was released in January 2020

Keen viewers of the series took to Twitter to persuade Netflix bosses to renew the show, beginning the hashtag '#RenewSpinningOut." One fan wrote: "We need to know if katjustin win sectionals. We need to know if Serena gets justice. We need to know if Mandy's daughter survives. We need to know if Dr Parker gets punished and if Jenn finds out. We need to know if Dasha and Tatiana are together. WE NEED ANSWERS." Another fan tweeted: "You’re really telling me....that @netflix created the PERFECTION that is #SpinningOut and then just....cancelled it after one season??? Literally what the [expletive] #RenewSpinningOut." Another person added: "I have never binge watched a show and loved it so much in my entire life than Spinning Out and the fact that netflix is cancelling it after one season and hasn't allowed it to grow despite the outpour of potential?!? this isn't fair." 

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Fans aren't happy the show isn't returning for a second series

Although the show's star, Kaya Scodelario, has yet to address the series cancellation, she posted about the show's subject of mental health on Twitter, writing: "Here's two organizations that really helped me during research for #spinningoutnetflix and in personal moments when I needed to check in w/ my mental heath and process past trauma. @MindCharity @BipolarUK. Thank you for all that you do to raise awareness & more for #mentalhealth."

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She later added: "Certain moments during filming of the show were very triggering for me. I’ve felt like I’ve had to 'be strong' my whole life and it was scary to realize that even in my late 20s I still needed help. If you're experiencing any form of mental heath, you aren't alone."

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