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Netflix's The Good Place season four finale explained 

What did you think of the show's finale? 

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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The final episode of the hugely popular Netflix show The Good Place was released on Friday, and fans have given the last ever episode a huge thumbs up, with many taking to social media to praise how all of the loose ends were tied up. But what did those last moments of the season finale mean? 

Chidi's Wave Returns to the Ocean - The Good Place

In The Good Place finale, the pals have done it. Tahani, Jason, Chidi, Eleanor, Janet and Michael have successfully saved all of humanity by creating a fairer afterlife system, while also providing a much needed solution to the problem of living for infinity in the good place. When a person feels like they have had enough of living happily ever after, they are able to cross through a door and 'be at peace'. In the finale, each of the human friends eventually have the revelation that they are ready to go through the door. Jason is the first to leave, Tahani decides she wants to become a good place architect, Chidi eventually goes after an emotional goodbye to Eleanor - who is the last person to head out of the good place after finally completing everything she felt like she had to do. 

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Kristen Bell opened up about the ending

As Eleanor walks through the door, she turns into glowing atoms that float down into the world, with one landing on a man who is about to throw away a letter sent to his address by mistake. After Eleanor's atom landed on him, he changes his mind and does a good deed by taking the letter to the right address, which we discover belongs to Michael. Chatting to Entertainment Weekly about the ending, Kristen Bell explained: "I think everybody's particles sprinkle down. The way they re-evaluated how to get into the Good Place with these manufactured tests that once you got to the Good Place, you were allowed to celebrate being there as long as you want. Then you are allowed to end it."

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She added: "Then you become these tiny, sparkly particles that rain down on the people on Earth to give them an extra boost. Those are the tiny voices inside your head that say, 'Don't throw that person's mail away. Just walk to their door. It takes two seconds and it probably will make their day. I would love to believe that that's what happens. That's such a beautiful way of thinking about it."