Outlander star reveals there will be a long gap between seasons five and six

Fans have been waiting for the new series since early 2019

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Outlander season five might be right around the corner, as it will premiere on Amazon Prime on 16 February! However, fans have had to wait for a long time. Season four of the popular show aired way back in November 2018, causing an unusually long gap before season five came along. Chatting to Digital Spy about the show's long break, Sam Heughan - who plays Jamie Fraser - revealed that the same will be likely for seasons five and six. He said: "For me, personally, it's been fantastic. It opened a lot of opportunities. I shot two movies in the hiatus last year. I'm about to go do another one when we finish here. So, it's been great, it's been a great opportunity. I actually think it's necessary for me as an actor to go and do something different."


Sam opened up about the long break

Speaking about the break between seasons five and six, he added: "I'm not sure the exact dates at the moment, but I think it might be the same. There will be a Droughtlander but they can go see my movies." Season five will follow the Fraser family at they settle in America, while Brianna and Roger come to terms with living in the past with their baby son.

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There will be another 'Droughtlander' between seasons five and six

Richard Rankin, who plays Roger, also recently opened up about the new series, and gave fans an insight into what to expect from season five. He explained to RadioTimes.com: "That’s a huge element of season five… Roger and Jamie’s story this season is a very exciting one, it’s a lot of fun, they – I’m not gonna give anything away particularly but it’s a huge aspect of season five, and Sam [Heughan] and I have had a lot of fun playing it this season."

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