Netflix's Locke and Key: the finale explained and season 2 details

Just what happened in the last ten minutes of Locke and Key, and are we getting season two? Find out here…

Netflix released a new show, Locke and Key, in early February, and it didn't take long for viewers to get obsessed with the magical graphic novel adaptation. The show follows three siblings and their mother, who move into their father's family home following his murder, and discover that the place is full of magical keys full of possibility – and that there is a demon hell bent on finding them. The finale was particularly shocking as it revealed several major plot twists – but just what did it all mean? We unpack the Locke and Key finale and explain the shocking cliffhanger here…

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In the finale of Locke and Key, it appears that the Locke family and their friends have succeeded in banishing Lucas/Dodge, a shapeshifting demon intent on unlocking a door to let untold evil into the world – but not all of the mysteries have been solved. Bode points out that his friend Rufus' mother, Ellie, has gone missing, and that Lucas/Dodge attacked Rufus while Tyler and Kinsey believed that the demon was unconscious at Key House. Confused, the family promise to help look for Ellie, while still celebrating throwing the demon into the void. Of course, things turned out not to be quite so simple.

Gabe was Lucas/Dodge all along

As the family continue with their lives, Kinsey revealed that she was going out for dinner with Gabe, a love interest from school who helps to throw Lucas/Dodge through the omega door. As Gabe cycles to meet her, we are shown a series of flashbacks concerning the school friend, which showed him befriending Kinsey and innocently asking her about the magical keys. It is revealed that Lucas/Dodge has actually been 'Gabe' all along, and has been using the identity key to change their appearance into Gabe to get close to Kinsey. It is also revealed that Lucas/Dodge forcibly changed Ellie's appearance to look like her then knocked her out – meaning that the Locke siblings actually threw Ellie into the otherworldly void instead of the demon. Oops.

Ellie was thrown through the omega door

It also discovered that while the group of friends were forcing Dodge/Ellie out of the omega door into another world, the family frenemy Eden was accidentally hit by a glowing, which was what previously turned Lucas into a demon. The last moments show 'Gabe' meeting with a ravenous Eden, who has clearly been taking over by another demon – meaning that there are now two of them at large – and trusted by the Locke family.

Dodge was pretending to be Gabe

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Will there be a Locke and Key season two?

Although the series hasn't been confirmed for season two just yet, the show's executive producer has said that they are "optimistic" of the show's chances and have already starting writing the second series. He told Collider: "We’re in the middle of writing season two, so we’re optimistic and hopeful that we’re gonna get a chance to make season two. We very much know what it is because Meredith and I are in the middle of overseeing the writers’ room and we’re working on that right now.

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