Where can Netflix's You season three go from here? 

Netflix season three has been confirmed - but will it be good?

It was recently confirmed that Netflix's hugely popular show You will be back for a third series - and although the drama, which follows serial killer Joe as he attempts to find love, has a huge fan following, we couldn't help but wonder where it can go at this point. Not only has the original source material from author Caroline Kepnes ran out, but the sophomore outing was met with a more lukewarm reception than its predecessor, with many viewers pointing out the similarities between the two seasons. 

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You seasons one and two recap

To recap, in season one, we meet Joe. As a good looking, intelligent book seller, we're rooting for him when he becomes attracted to Beck, a student that he meets in his shop. However, support soon turns to horror as it turns out that Joe is a serial killer, who wipes out everyone who gets in the way of his happiness including, eventually, Beck herself. 

Season one saw Joe murder Beck

By season two, we know that Joe is a mass murderer - and yet in a move reminiscent to Dexter, we are still rooting for the weirdo. This time, Joe has moved to LA to escape the botched murder attempt of his ex-girlfriend Candace, who is now on his case, and is trying to improve himself - AKA no more murdering. Of course, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and Joe ends up with blood on his hands once again.

Candace went after Joe in season one

In a twist, it is revealed that his new object of obsession, Love, is actually very much his equal. Not only was she aware that he was stalking her, she also has her own experience in the murder department. Despite no longer wanting to be with Love on account of her, ironically, being a serial killer, Joe accepts that his punishment should be a life with her - before spotting their next door neighbour sunbathing next door - hinting that a new obsession is about to begin all over again. 

Joe tries to change his ways in season two

What is next for Netflix's You?

We expect that even the most dedicated fans will bow out of season three if it really does go down the road of Joe finding a third woman to idolise - so where can the series go from here? The show's co-creator, Sera Gamble, has some ideas. Speaking to Cosmopolitan, she said: "We have an idea for season three that is SO exciting that people talk about it in the [writer's] room everyday. So my fingers are crossed... I'll just say, I hope we get the chance to keep making the show." 

Season three has been confirmed

The Netflix original could rely on the author to give them a hint about book three, as Caroline has previously revealed that she has an idea for her third novel. Replying to a fan on Good Reads, she said: "I know I am not done with him. I'm writing two new books now but I know the first sentence of the third Joe book and I carry it around in my heart all day. Literally can't wait to return to him." 

While a third outing of the same storyline might become tired (boy meets girl, boy obsesses over girl, boy moves on from girl), a change of the programme's format could also be a mistake. Like with any franchise that has a very particular winning formula, changing it up could mean bad news to an otherwise successful series. For example, see The Hangover trilogy. While films one and two did relatively well - with both focused on a group of hungover guys desperately trying to track down a member of their group following an ill-advised night out, The Hangover 3 attempted to try something new and was critically panned.

Penn Badgeley plays Joe

Then there are the shows that know when they have a finite story to tell, like Fleabag. Despite its immense success, Phoebe Waller-Bridge finished the BBC comedy drama after two seasons, and opened up about why at the Emmy awards, explaining: "Even though it’s so nice to hear that so many people loved it, it’s like, 'Oh dammit, maybe I shouldn’t have waved goodbye.' It does feel like the story is complete… it does feel right to go out on a high. It doesn’t get higher than this. It feels like the perfect way to say goodbye." 

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While Netflix'sYou is undoubtedly a huge winner for the streaming service, it remains to be seen whether this renewal news will do great things for the programme, or whether they should have stopped and let the series be a perfect thing. Ironically, we'll need to wait for season three to find out. 

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