Outlander star teases major season five death

According to the Outlander actress, Jamie, Briann and Roger all have a hard time

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Outlander season five is finally here, and fans have already been delighted and heartbroken in equal measure at the trials and tribulations of the Fraser family as they settle into life on colonial America. Jamie and Claire have been joined by their daughter, Brianna, her new husband Roger and their baby son Jemmy - but Sophie Skelton has teased that there is trauma ahead. 


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Chatting to Oprah magazine, the actress, who plays Brianna, said: "I’d say Bree, Roger, and Jamie all go through a lot. Claire has a tough time… it's all in very different ways! Can’t really give too much away on that." Perhaps hinting about the future of our favourite characters, she added: "There’s probably more heartbreak, I hate to say it. You get your nuggets of joy, and then we just take them away from you!" 

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Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie, has also opened up about what to expect. Chatting on Good Morning America, he said: "Every season, every episode there’s always a challenge. This season is no exception, it might be the toughest season yet." 

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The opening two episodes of season five left fans in tears after Jamie and Murtagh were forced to become enemies after Jamie was charged with bringing the rebellion to an end, which Murtagh is the leader of, or losing his new home. The pair shared an emotional goodbye, and fans were quick to praise the amazing acting from the pair, with one writing: "#SamHeughan at his best. If that is not an award winning delivery then there is no justice. Humour/pathos/joy/sadness/anger/excitement/disgust/shame surprise/contempt/fear/guilt.The whole gamut." Another person added: "This scene broke me!"

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