Fans react to Outlander season five's first episode – and want Sam Heughan to win an award

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Crack out the haggis and toast with whiskey as Droughtlander is finally over! After a long wait after season four, which aired in 2018, Outlander returned on Amazon Prime on Monday – and it's fair to say that fans were delighted that it is back. The opening episode saw Brianna and Roger finally officially tying the knot. It also dealt with Jamie's difficult situation as his godfather, Murtagh, is the leader of the Regulator Rebellion – and Jamie has been told to track him down and have him arrested.


The episode saw Brianna and Roger tie the knot

The pair share an emotional goodbye as Jamie is forced to join the mission to hunt down the rebellion, or have his land taken away, while Murtagh can't turn his back on his cause. Jamie then releases Murtagh from an oath he made as a child to keep him alive no matter what, and it is fair to say that there wasn't a dry eye in the house.


Fans praised Sam's performance

One person wrote: "It did not disappoint. Soaring/evocative/beautiful music. #SamHeughan at his best. If that is not an award winning delivery then there is no justice. Humour/pathos/joy/sadness/anger/excitement/disgust/shame surprise/contempt/fear/guilt.The whole gamut." Another person added: "Can we talk about this scene for a minute!!!!! My god! Give this man all the freaking awards!" A third person shared a gif of the emotional moment between Jamie and Murtagh, writing: "This scene broke me!"

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Viewers were also delighted by a sweet moment between Jamie and his adopted son, Fergus, with one writing: "'Fergus, son of my name and of my heart' just want to remind everyone that when Jamie didn't want to live anymore, the one thing that kept him going was Fergus and that Fergus literally always risked it all for Jamie, truly my favourite father & son relationship." Another added: "Jamie calling Fergus. And Marsali so proud! I'm bawling now."

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