Shaun of the Dead still

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have done the coronavirus version of Shaun of the Dead and it is brilliant

In the clip, Shaun and Ed make plans on how to deal with coronavirus

Emmy Griffiths

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have suitably lifted fans spirits after recreating one of the famous scenes from Shaun of the Dead. However, this time the funny sketch relates to the coronavirus pandemic as a way of giving viewers tips on how to deal with the outbreak. In the clip, which was posted on Twitter, the actors' characters Shaun and Ed are talking on the phone as Shaun explains the plan. 

"Right. Call mum, make sure she's okay. If Phillip has been infected, following the NHS guidelines to the letter." Addressing the Winchester pub, where they famously went in the film to have a pint and "wait for this all to blow over," he said: "Do not go to the Winchester. The pub is out... Especially if it's closed. Remember what happened last time?" He added to stay at home and give people a call in case they might be lonely. 

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Did you enjoy the funny video?

Fans were delighted by the video, with one writing: "This is exactly what we all needed right now, and I’m not even being sarcastic. Which might be a first for me?" Another added: "Simon Pegg and Nick Frost providing an invaluable public service." A third fan tweeted: "Epic by @simonpegg and @nickjfrost but.... where was the cornetto #coronavirus." 

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Celebs everywhere have been offering a helping hand for fans to get through staying at home and cancelling plans to slow down the outbreak. This Morning stars recently revealed their favourite TV shows for viewers to try, with Phillip Schofield suggesting people try NOW TV's Game of Thrones, while Holly Willoughby praised the true crime documentary, The Jinx. 

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