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Quiz fans convinced of Charles and Diana Ingram's innocence thanks to this one detail

Do you think the Ingrams are guilty or innocent? 

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Fans of the ITV show Quiz have become convinced that Charles and Diana Ingram (along with their supposed co-conspirator, Tecwen Whittock) are actually innocent of cheating their way to the £1million jackpot prize on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? The final episode of ITV's three-part series, which aired on Wednesday night, saw the cheating scandal from the Ingrams' perspective, and focused on their defence in court - casting plenty of doubt on the evidence against them.

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Fans were quick to take to social media to discuss the new perspective on the case, and praised Helen McCrory's role as the couple's defence lawyer. One person wrote: "Anyone else thinking the Ingrams are innocent purely based on how bad ass Helen McCrory is?" Another added: "At this stage Helen McCrory could tell me the Earth is flat and I would be convinced. #Quiz." A third person wrote: "I mean I don’t understand how Charles Ingram and his wife got found guilty??? So much evidence to suggest they were innocent? What were the jury thinking!" 

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Do you still believe Charles cheated? 

Charles praised the final episode on Twitter, writing: "Some say #Quiz wasn’t balanced & I can see why. But it was balanced. Celador’s case has been brutally broadcast for 19 years with nothing from us (to the vindicated winner so too the spoils) & their position was made v clear in #Quiz. And they have far more tweeters than I do!" He added: "Words cannot describe how I feel about #Quiz. This story of ‘Op Durban’ was painfully accurate, brilliant drama, & perfectly directed & produced. Cast was truly amazing & the detail: expressions, props, judge’s cough drop, Salisbury Plain." 

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