Where is Pemberley in Pride and Prejudice 1995? All you need to know

'But I believe I must date it from my first seeing his beautiful grounds at Pemberley.' 

Emmy Griffiths

Since Elizabeth Bennet famously jokes that she began to fall for Mr Darcy after seeing his "beautiful grounds at Pemberley," it is essential that any adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice chooses one heck of a location for our hero's home. While the 2005 version used Chatsworth House for Darcy's estate, the 1995 TV show used two different locations for the gorgeous abode. 


There was a temporarily statue of Colin Firth in the home's nearby pond

The house itself was at Lyme Park in Cheshire where, yes, Colin Firth did indeed swagger in wearing a wet shirt after a dip in the nearby ponds. In fact, you can even visit where the actor takes a dip on the Pemberley Walk at Lyme. According to the home's site, if you take a certain track downhill and go through a number of gates and stiles, you will be able to find Darcy's pond!

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The site also reads: "From the Information Kiosk follow the sloping path that leads you up to Lyme Hall. At the top pause and try to picture a Regency coach coming down the drive bringing Elizabeth Bennet and Mr and Mrs Gardiner, to visit Pemberley." 


The interiors of Sudbury House were also used in the show

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However, the interior of the home, where Lizzie becomes increasingly impressed by her gorgeous surroundings, was actually Sudbury Hall in Derbyshire. The stately home's National Trust website reveals insight into where certain scenes were filmed, as it reads: "It is unusual to find a Long Gallery in a Charles II house but this room is one of the most magnificent features inside the house. It’s just over 167 feet (51m) long and includes many family portraits. Fans of the 1996 BBC ‘Pride and Prejudice’ adaptation will recall the room being used as the place where Elizabeth sets eyes on Darcy’s painting." 

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