Ralf Little reveals exciting Death in Paradise first for him 

The popular actor took to Twitter to share the exciting post 

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Death in Paradise filming might be postponed due to the lockdown at the moment, but the series' star, Ralf Little, has been enjoying the little things when it comes to the much-loved TV show! The actor recently shared a snap of himself with a security guard on Twitter, and revealed that he was the first person to have recognised him for his role as DI Neville Parker.


Ralf shared a snap with security guard Mark

He wrote: "Went to the post office and this lovely security guard, Mark, is the first person on the street to recognise me *specifically* for @deathinparadise and honestly, it has made my day! Thanks Mark. (Check out our socially distanced pic!)" Fans were delighted for him, and also shared where they had spotted him before. One person wrote: "Me & my mate @JODea39 bumped into you after an Oasis gig at OT cricket ground and spent the rest of the night singing Little Ralph Little (to the tune of Little By Little). I can’t hear that song without hearing remembering that moment now." Ralph replied: "I remember that! Even though I was smashed. Now I can’t hear that song without thinking it either!" 

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While Ralf has been unable to film Death in Paradise during lockdown, he and his Two Pints of Lager co-star Will Mellor have been entertaining fans with their Facebook Live show. Speaking about the online series, Will said: "I had some of the best times filming Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps with Ralf, so I’ve been wanting to do something with [Ralf] for a while now and as a revival wasn’t possible this was perfect for us! Back together sat in a pub talking about the good old days, playing games and having pure banter! I really hope people enjoy it and especially now, I think people need a bit of fun and nostalgia in their lives!" 

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