Fans are saying the same thing about Netflix's Project Power

Have you tuned into the new film on Netflix yet? 

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Project Power premiered on Netflix at the weekend, and it sounds like the superhero action-packed thriller went down a storm with viewers, who took to social media to praise the Jamie Foxx film. However, some fans have one major thing that they would change about the movie, find out here.

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Posting on Twitter, one person wrote: "#ProjectPower was A LOT of FUN! Bit corny with the X-men schtick but tolerable with powerful visuals. Jamie Foxx and JGL rarely disappoint but Dominique Fishback was a revelation! Hope to see more of her." Another added: "#ProjectPower was an excellent movie. And I am definitely not into superpower type movies like that. It was great from start to finish." 


Have you watched the new Netflix film yet?

Others pointed out how much they wished the film was a series rather than a one-off film, with one writing: "Omggg I wish it was a series and not just a movie. #JamieFoxx did the damn thing that... was AWESOME!" Another tweeted: "#ProjectPower was pretty cool but it should’ve definitely been geared towards a series instead of an individual movie. Too much to explore in that universe to be properly executed in under two hours." 


The film premiered on Netflix at the weekend

Although we haven't heard anything about a series spin-off, co-director Henry Joost hinted at a sequel (warning, spoilers ahead), telling Digital Spy: "I think that's an interesting thing to think about: what happened to that briefcase of pills out in the world? And who exactly is the Matriarch, and what is she up to? [...] I think that there are definitely many more directions the story could go, and the concept is so much fun, and you could imagine it.

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"And we did have thoughts about it going in other directions, but I wouldn't want to jinx it. We just want to see how the audience feels first."

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