Line of Duty fans spot major mistake in episode three

Who is in the lift with you there Steve? 

Line of Duty fans spotted a major filming mistake in the latest episode - but did you catch the gaffe? In the episode, Steve has a moment of self-reflection after leaving the office to avoid a random drugs test, and while he was having a moment - fans spotted that he wasn't actually alone in the lift after all!

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Sharing a screen grab on Twitter, one person wrote: "Cameraman spotted on Line of Duty in the lift," revealing that a cameraman could clearly be spotted in the reflection of the lift's glass. One person replied: "Well spotted, you need to go solve who H is now please," while another tweeted: "Very impressive! I would like to think, however, that by the time I’ve watched this week’s episode for the third time I too would have spotted it. Ok, maybe on my fourth." 

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Line of Duty's official account also replied, jokily adding: "Or was it..." with a gif of Jo Davidson swearing. 

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Fans have been enjoying sharing theories about the new series, and recently suggested that Buckells could be deep undercover with MIT. Taking to Twitter, many voiced the idea that he is working for AC-12 and Superintendent Ted Hastings after spotting a connection between the two.

Did you spot the cameraman? 

One person wrote: "I have a #LineOfDuty theory... Buckells is an undercover AC-12 agent known only to Hastings. Recruited through Masonic connection and instructed to get close to Ryan to find H."

Another said: "Still thinking about that throwaway remark about Buckells being at his 'Masonic lodge', implying a link with Hastings... #LineOfDuty." A third echoed this and also tweeted: "Couple of rogue #LineOfDuty predictions: Jo Davidson is Ted's daughter. Buckles is undercover AC-12 looking into Kate as being one of the H's."

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