Line of Duty's Adrian Dunbar sets record straight on H's identity

The actor plays Superintendent Ted Hastings

Line of Duty season six returned recently and it's been all TV lovers have been able to talk about. As well as trying to figure out who murdered journalist Gail Vella, fans have been gasping to know whether we're set to find out the true identity of the elusive 'H' in the upcoming episodes.

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And now, star of the show Adrian Dunbar, who plays Superintendent Ted Hastings, has hinted who is behind the criminal. Although the actor, of course, didn't reveal who H is, he did insist that his character is not the face behind the name – which will come to a huge relief for fans of the Gaffer.

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Chatting on the How to Fail with Elizabeth Day podcast recently, the actor explained he was pleased to learn he was not the Top Dog behind police corruption: "Absolutely it was a relief for me, because I'd spent all this time playing this character, as I saw him, as having a kind of sense of duty and a moral core and so forth.

"And then to find out I was somehow an arch villain... I would have [had] real difficulty accepting that. Also Jed was aware that our audience, and most audiences in general, like to think that those people in charge do have a sense of moral fortitude and that there are people up there that will do the right thing and prevail in difficult circumstances. I'm glad he came out of it with flying colours."

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Adrian Dunbar admitted he felt 'relieved' when Ted wasn't H

Meanwhile, plenty of die-hard Line of Duty fans having been putting pieces together over the past three episodes to get said answers.

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After last week's dramatic third episode, many came up with an interesting theory that Buckells, who was arrested for perverting the course of justice, is in fact working covertly with Ted and AC-12 to help bring down the OCG, after spotting a connection between the two officers.

One person wrote on Twitter: "I have a #LineOfDuty theory... Buckells is an undercover AC-12 agent known only to Hastings. Recruited through Masonic connection and instructed to get close to Ryan to find H."

A second echoed this and also tweeted: "Couple of rogue #LineOfDuty predictions: Jo Davidson is Ted's daughter. Buckles is undercover AC-12 looking into Kate as being one of the H's."

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