Line of Duty viewers certain they've worked out major plot twist about Chloe Bishop 

Chloe is AC-12's newest Detective Constable - but is there more to her? 

Viewers think that they have worked out a major plot twist concerning AC-12's newest team member Chloe Bishop in Line of Duty, and we think they might be onto something! Warning, potential spoilers ahead for season six - do not continue if you want to avoid theories!

Taking to Twitter following episode four, plenty of fans have suggested that Chloe, who has seamlessly fitted into the AC-12 team following Kate's departure, isn't exactly who she says she is. 

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Much like Ryan Pilkington, who appears as a young boy in season one, some people have suggested that Chloe is actually Tony Gates' daughter from season one, and is working for the OCG. 

One person tweeted: "This is deffo Anthony Gates daughter Chloe. She now goes by the last name Bishop but I reckon it was Gates." Another added: "So we need to be thinking about Chloe, suggesting ac12 has a leak, cant put surveillance on Ryan due to funding, she looked nervous in that van too, hmmmmmm." 

Do you think Chloe is hiding something?

A third person wrote: "I’m convinced Chloe’s dodgy! She could be Tony’s daughter and I don’t believe she couldn’t reach the van hatch - convenient that Jonesy ended up dying instead  and she was also in the room when Steve and the lawyer exchanged nods to confirm he’d spoken anonymously." 

Coincidence? Could Chloe be Tony's daughter?

Eagle-eyed fans also went back to find snaps of Tony's daughter from season one, and pointed out that many of Chloe's outfits - a blue shirt with a burgundy jacket or coat - matches her school uniform from a childhood photo! One person wrote: "Chloe Bishop sporting the same colour combo as Chloe Gates' school uniform from series one. Nothing is a coincidence with the styling in this programme." 

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