Viewers in 'floods of tears' after heartbreaking final episode of BBC's Time

Sean Bean and Stephen Graham were both praised for their performances

Time on BBC has been hailed as one of the best things on TV right now and the third and final episode, which aired on Sunday, received high praise from viewers – despite it being an emotional watch.

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After the episode aired, many took to social media to give their positive reviews - and it seems many were left "in tears" while watching.

One person tweeted: "#Time was incredible. Say what you like about the Beeb, but you can't deny some of their shows just blow almost everything else out of the water. Three episodes of hard-hitting drama. Had everyone in my front room in tears. Acting and film-making masterclass. #bbcdrama."

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A second had a similar view and was equally emotional, writing: "Time is the best thing I have watched for a while. I have been in tears twice during the last episode and it has left me thinking about it long after the end. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. #Time."

Also writing on Twitter, a third admitted they were in "floods of tears" during one particular scene: "Anyone who knows me will know that I don't cry easily, but I've just absolutely bawled my eyes out watching #TIME on @BBC. I'm fully aware that this is not real life but that funeral moment had me in floods of tears... I can't believe he couldn't go!"

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Eric McNally was caught smuggling contraband into prison

The finale of the prison drama saw Sean Bean's character Mark Cobden deal with the grief of losing his father and being told he was not able to attend the funeral due to his cellmate's behaviour.

Later in the episode, Mark, who was sentenced to four years for death by dangerous driving, was told he was able to leave prison unattended for a day to speak at a conference on his time in prison. Viewers then saw his character released after serving almost all of his sentence.

Meanwhile, in a stunning turn of events, Stephen Graham's character, prison officer Eric McNally, was arrested and sentenced to four years in prison for smuggling contraband into prison in order to protect his son.

All three episodes of Time are available to watch on BBC iPlayer now. 

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