Before We Die viewers divided over 'unexpected' finale

Did you enjoy the Channel 4 drama?

Over the past few weeks, Channel 4's Scandi-Noir drama, Before We Die, has been keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. And now, series one has come to its conclusion – but it seems that fans of the show were left somewhat divided by the finale.

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Many gave their verdict on the ending on social media and while some had high praise for episode six, others weren't sure. One person tweeted: "@BeforeWeDie4 #BeforeWeDie entertainingly far-fetched hokum, with plot holes, wooden and dodgy acting, strange timelines, and far too much use of the F-word - might be frequent in Sweden, but Brits use more varied swear words."

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Another viewer wasn't keen, adding: "#BeforeWeDie could've been SUCH a good series… instead, it was let down by some pretty childish plot lines, and I mean, that Christian v the Car chase? Really??"

However, others were impressed with how the story wrapped up. A fan said on Twitter: "Well I really enjoyed Before We Die, hope they make another series! #beforewedie #channel4 #drama."

A second agreed, writing: "#BeforeWeDie I'm so glad I stuck with this series. I thought it was slow to start but I've since been gripped week after week. I can't wait to find out what their final plan is, I'm sure I won't be disappointed."

A third fan hilariously wrote: "Some of the worst dialogue I have ever heard. Ludicrously unrealistic, utterly stupid and a complete waste of everyone involved. I quite liked it #beforewedie."

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The drama came to a dramatic conclusion on Wednesday

Warning! Spoilers ahead…

The final episode revealed to viewers that the infamous crime family, the Mimicas, knew that Christian was an undercover officer all along. Bianca (played by Issy Knopfler) shows him a video of Sean (who was murdered at the beginning of the show) being tortured as he reveals that Christian was his source – blowing Christian's cover in the process.

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Christian then has to go on the run, ringing his mum, Hannah, explaining they're about to be set up. After a major explosion kills Tina and injures Hannah, Christian eventually escapes with Bianca, and Hannah is reinstated to her position after a false suspension. Does this mean season two is on the cards?

Star of the show, Lesley Sharp, who plays lead character, Hannah, has responded to reports of a second season, admitting that if it does go ahead, fans could be waiting a while. "[They] all survive by the skin of their teeth so they need a bit of rest and recuperation if they're coming back," she told Radio Times. Fans will have to keep their fingers crossed…  

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