Who was Fred West and how did he die? Find out ahead of new documentary Fred And Rose West Reopened

The new two-part ITV special programme airs on Wednesday

Trevor McDonald's new investigative programme, Fred and Rose West: Reopened, was already going to attract attention due to the infamous subject matter – but the new documentary will no doubt be even more of a topical watch following the shocking police excavation carried out in May.

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The production crew working on the two-part ITV documentary, which will be a follow-up from 2019's, Fred & Rose West: The Real Story with Sir Trevor McDonald, raised concerns with police earlier this year when they came across what they considered potential evidence at a café in Gloucester.

Rose West remains in prison to this day, but what about Fred West? Ahead of the documentary, here's some background information on the criminal pair and where they are now...

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Fred West, who was born in 1941, met Rose at a bus stop when he was 28 and she was just 15 at the time. The two went on to form a relationship and married in secret in 1972. They had five children together, but both parties had children by other people.

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Throughout the 1960s and beyond, Fred and Rose West conducted a string of heinous crimes including murder and sexual assault – making them two of the country's most notorious criminals.

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Over the course of two decades, Fred and his wife abducted, tortured and killed at least ten women including their own 16-year-old daughter, Heather, and their stepdaughter Charmaine.

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In the mid-90s, Fred admitted to 12 killings and was on remand in prison. Soon after, however, he hanged himself in his cell after admitting to murdering 30 victims.

Rose West was jailed in 1995 for the murder of ten young women in her home she shared with her husband Fred, between the years of 1971 and 1987. Rose is still incarcerated and serving a life sentence at HM Prison New Hall in West Yorkshire after being convicted for sexual assault and murder.

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