Deceit: What happened to Colin Stagg after he was wrongly accused of Rachel Nickell's murder?

Find out where he is now...

Channel 4's gripping true-crime drama Deceit reaches its dramatic conclusion on Friday night, and we can't wait to see how the series wraps up.

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The show has had viewers glued to the sofa over the last four weeks, as it unravels the shocking truth behind one of the UK's most catastrophic police operations, which saw an innocent man accused and charged with the murder of young mum Rachel Nickell.

But where is the man who was wrongly accused of Rachel's murder now? Here's what we know about Colin's life following his arrest...

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Rachel Nickell was assaulted and murdered in broad daylight during a walk on Wimbledon Common with her dog and two-year-old son in 1992. The brazen crime shocked the nation, and in a desperate attempt to catch her attacker, the police launched a major investigation that ended up pinning the crime on the wrong man.

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While there was no direct evidence linking Colin - who was known to walk his dog on the Common - to the murder, police became convinced he was the culprit after they enlisted the help of criminal psychologist Paul Britton who created an offender profile that was almost identical to him.

Rachel Nickell was murdered on Wimbledon Common in 1992

To try and elicit a confession from Colin, the police and Paul devised a plan dubbed Operation Ezdell which saw a female undercover officer with the codename "Lizzie James" form a personal relationship with him in a bid to get him to confess.

She spent half a year feigning a romantic interest in Colin, initially through letters but they eventually met up in person at Hyde Park while officers monitored closely in unmarked vehicles. Their conversations often turned to violent sexual fantasies, but Colin never admitted to Rachel's murder, even when asked directly.

Colin stood trial at the Old Bailey but was eventually acquitted

However, amid mounting pressure from the public, Colin was charged with the murder just over a year later. When the trial reached the Old Bailey, the judge overseeing the case condemned the police for their "deceptive" methods and Colin was acquitted.

Following his release, the public remained suspicious of Colin. In 2008, after Rachel's real killer Robert Napper confessed, which he sued the Metropolitan Police on the grounds of malicious prosecution and wrongful arrest. He was given £706,000 compensation. 

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He even consulted Deceit writer Emilia di Girolamo on bringing his story to life, alongside Rachel's now grown-up son Alexander Hanscombe. Speaking about Colin, Emelia said: "I think Colin obviously felt a portion of his life had been stolen from him, but he’s a very mild-mannered and gentleman, not an angry person."

Today, Colin is 57 years old and now leads a relatively normal life. According to The Daily Mail, he works at a supermarket and has been married for a number of years to a woman who began writing to him while he was awaiting trial. They share four children.

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