All Creatures Great and Small fans gobsmacked after this 'revolting' moment in episode two

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Fans of All Creatures Great and Small have been loving the return of the Channel 5 drama, but it seems that episode two of its second series had a particular moment that left them feeling "revolted."

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One scene from the episode showed veterinary surgeon James Harriot, played by Nicholas Ralph, and his team visit an unwell cow, which was suffering from stomach complications when suddenly it erupted all over the characters!

It's safe to say, that viewers were pretty disgusted while watching the moment. One person wrote on Twitter: "Oh yuk! That explosive cow! #AllCreaturesGreatAndSmall," as another was more concerned about the farmers' attire: "Get them mucky coats in t' wash #AllCreaturesGreatAndSmall."

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A third echoed this, tweeting: "The whole house would reek of cow [expletive], and everyone is just carrying on lol. Wash the damn coats! #AllCreaturesGreatAndSmall." A fourth added: "Those white coats are on borrowed time #AllCreaturesGreatAndSmall."

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the episode, the potential romance between James and Helen, played by Rachel Shenton, is growing.

The synopsis for episode two read: "With Tristan's encouragement, James asks Helen if she'd like to go to the local spring dance. But village resident Gerald's arrival with his injured dog, Rock, puts a spanner in the works. Meanwhile, Tristan worries that Siegfried is in danger of losing his edge."

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Episode two left viewers gobsmacked

Speaking ahead of season two, executive Producer Melissa Gallant and series writer Ben Vanstone revealed that they are hoping the series continues for many more seasons, which will come as welcome news for fans.

"We're very keen," Melissa told HELLO!, "I've been in television 20 years and this really has been the best job in the world. It's such a family behind the scenes and just the material is so joyful." Ben added: "We're very keen! There's plenty more to come. We will see what all the stakeholders say." 

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