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Get the perfect Bond girl body like new 007 Naomie Harris

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The newest Bond beauty, 36-year-old Naomie Harris, proves she has both brains and brawn as she keeps with Craig in a tireless fitness regime for the latest edition to the 007 franchise, Skyfall. From Halle Berry's smoking bikini body to the sultry Eva Green whose elegant frame was characterised by glamorous gowns, the Bond girl look is iconic.  

Naomie Harris


But Naomie previously admitted she couldn't see herself as a 007 girl when she was cast for the role of Bond's fellow agent Eve, but got into the habit of exercise after trying out yoga three times a week. At the Bafta's the actress revealed that her aims weren't to achieve the seductive Bond girl look but to be able to do her own stunts, stating that she's "done them all so far". An impressive match for Mr Bond, she showed off her envious figure at the movie's recent grand opening photocall in London.

naomie harris

If you're on a mission to get that Bond girl body, here's how:To find your inner agent always remember to warm up. This will allow you to become psychologically focused on the exercise ahead and prepare your body. Start from doing stretches at the top of your body downwards to prevent injury and allow the muscle to become more flexible. For that lean, lithe look make the core of your workout cardio-orientated. Burn fat fast with an intense run or cycle in short five-minute bursts and step up your speed or resistance on each session. Tone your arms without bulking up by using light weights or resistance bands and doing 10-15 repetitions on the first circuit, 15-25 on the second, and 10-15 on the third. Trim your sides with lateral raises by standing with legs shoulder-width apart. Start with hands by your hips, elbows bent, shoulders down. Then raise hands to shoulder height, as if pouring a jug of water, lower back to the start position and repeat. Work out your abdominals with an oblique curl. These may sound terrifying but simply start in the same position as a usual sit up but then twist the body so the right elbow meets the opposite knee as the right leg extends. And after a long, tiring workout why not indulge your body with the perfect beauty treat. Focus on keeping your skin hydrated with luxurious moisturising products for that ultimate glamorous 007 look. Remove any dry flakes with a refreshing exfoliator before massaging sensuous body oil for a long lasting, gorgeous glow like Naomie's.Try out yoga yourself in ten-minute stretches.

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