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Dyson hair dryer: We tried the £299 gadget the Kardashians' stylist swears by

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What is it: The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Who tried it: Website editor Alex Light

I don't have the most unruly hair in the world. In fact, it's pretty tame, but I'm just really rubbish at styling it. My mum is one of the most proficient blowdryers in the world (self-proclaimed, but I agree), and any attempts to pass on her skills to her daughter have been futile – much to her dismay.

So I was super excited when I heard about the new – and very much hyped – Dyson Supersonic hairdryer, which was four years (four years!) and 600 prototypes in the making. It's also backed by celebrity (mainly the Kardashians) stylist Jen Atkin.

First off, it's the most good-looking hair dryer ever. So slick and fancy, it's a welcome addition to my dressing table. Plus it's so quiet that I can actually listen to podcasts (mostly true crime, in case you were interested) while I dry my hair. But there are better things about this new styler...

The motor is a third of the weight and half the size of the average hair dryer – ideal for someone who is constantly on the go and doesn't like to rely on clunky and ineffective hotel hairdryers (one of my pet hates – especially the ones where you have to hold the button down to keep it on. Eurgh).

Despite being so tiny, the motor is super powerful and honestly outweighs any normal hair dyer I've ever tried – my morning routine has been cut down drastically.

With innovative 'intelligent heat control technology', the Dyson doesn't reach damaging temperatures that end up ruining your hair. That was another major plus for me, because I have thin hair that is already a bit ruined from reaching for the peroxide bottle at age 17...

But did the Dyson improve my blowdry skills, which was my main pull towards the new gadget?

YES. In a major way! Dyson claims that the nozzle smoothes your hair as it dries, meaning you get a sleek, Brazilian straightening treatment-style finish. I 100 per cent vouch for this - I've never had such shiny, smooth hair from a DIY blowdry before.

Rather than blowing your hair in lots of different directions and leaving it with a rough, slightly frizzy finish, the nozzle is focused and powerful, leaving locks seriously glossy. It looks like you've put straighteners over it.

It also lasts. I'm the most restless sleeper ever, tossing and turning approx. 700 times per night, so I normally wake up looking like a . But following a turn with the Dyson, my hair honestly looks nearly as smooth the following day. Much to Benny's delight – waking up next to the mad professor isn't ideal.

£299 is a lot of money. It really is, I kind of winced when I discovered the price. But in my opinion, it is a seriously worthy investment. It saves (a lot of) time, suitcase space and split ends... If you deem those important to you, the decision might just be cut and dry (sorry).

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