9 easy ways to help the environment

Ethical retailer The Body Shop has launched the new #INOURHANDS campaign, which encourages people to embrace their inner activist and make small changes in their everyday routine to enrich the environment they live in.

As part of the campaign, the beauty brand has come up with nine easy tips that we can all try...

1. Recycle and reduce landfill

Did you know that the average UK family throws away six trees worth of paper in their household bin every year? Think before you throw and start recycling; challenge yourself to reduce your general bin waste by a 1/3 each week!

2. Think before you brew: save water & energy

Did you know over 30 million litres of water are boiled in Britain every day only to go cold again? You can save electricity and water by only filling up the kettle with the water you need.

3. Switch off at the socket to save energy

Did you know appliances use electricity when they are in standby mode or even when they are switched off. A TV set that's switched on for three hours a day and in standby mode during the remaining 21 hours uses about 40% of its energy in standby mode.

4. Save water with speedy showers

Did you know for every minute you cut down during your shower, you will save around 10 litres of water? – Saving the planet and saving your water bill.

5. Go veggie to reduce greenhouse gases

Around 18% of greenhouse gases are caused by livestock farming – the production of one beef steak emits more carbon dioxide than driving for one hour. To help the environment and your health, try to go meat free for a few days or introduce ‘meat free Monday’.

6. Reduce your carbon footprint

Locally sourced food can help cut down food miles and therefore reduce your carbon footprint – try eating seasonal local fruit and vegetables and meat products from your local butcher.

7. Awaken your purchasing power and choose fair trade

Vote with your purse (or wallet) and use your buying power to deliver a strong message to companies. Choosing products that are made from or contain fairly sourced ingredients ensures everybody benefits. You still get high-quality products and marginalised communities get a fair deal and a sustainable income that enables them to invest in their future and that of their families. It’s a win win! Why not make the swap with your regular chocolate bar, bananas, coffee, soap or body moisturiser?

 8. Upcycling: Get crafty to have positive impact

Express your creativity and transform your empty packaging and unwanted clothing into reusable items to be loved once more. When you upcycle you remove items from the global garbage stream, without the need of energy or water to break down the materials, just your own creativity and a little bit of elbow grease! Pretty much anything can be upcycled; plastic bottles into earrings, wine bottles into candlestick holders, cans into home décor as well as refashioning old jeans and t-shirts.

9. Get neighbourly & volunteer

By giving your time or skills to help other people and local charitable organisations you can help strengthen the community and environment in which you live, as well as finding it enormously rewarding! To find out about volunteering projects in the UK visit https://www.neighbourly.com/ or your local authorities website. You can make a real difference – every person counts!

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