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Jessica Alba's facialist on skincare tips and anti-ageing

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She is one of Hollywood's most-trusted esthetician and Jessica Alba once deemed her a "skin guru", so it's safe to say we were excited to get an interview with Shani Darden...

Shani, who is the ambassador for new beauty supplement Beauty Beneath, chatted to us about her top skincare tips, her thoughts on anti-ageing products and why beauty supplements are the way forward… Notebooks at the ready!

What is an ideal skincare routine?It depends on your skin type, but I would recommend an antioxidant and SPF during the day and Retinol Reform at night, along with a daily supplement like Beauty Beneath which has everything you need to prevent aging from the inside out.

And if you had to choose just one skincare tip to live by, what would it be?Keep it simple and always use an SPF!

When should you start using anti-ageing skincare?It’s never too early to start wearing sunscreen, but a more thorough skincare regimen should be in full effect by your early 20s and a full anti-ageing regiment should be in place in your early 30’s when the skin starts losing collagen.

You have many famous clients, how did that come about? It’s all word of mouth. I have the most amazing, gracious clients and I’m so lucky that they like to spread the word.

Why is Beauty Beneath so benefical for the skin? Ingredients are the most important thing to look for in a skincare supplement to ensure you’re getting the right nutrients. Beauty Beneath is packed with key skin-focused ingredients that complement my topical regimen for anti-aging. Boosting collagen helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles while giving the skin a tighter, more youthful look, while omegas help reduce the body’s production of natural chemicals that cause aging. Antioxidants are also a great way to treat sun damage and scars.

Do you think pills are the way forward when it comes to beauty?Yes, absolutely. I’ve noticed a recent trend with my clients shifting from a focus solely on topical skincare to equal emphasis on the importance of both topical and ingestible skincare. I have people coming to see me all of the time who have invested heavily in their topical skincare over the years, but have neglected to treat their skin from beneath. With only surface layers being protected, skin tends to age at a faster rate and younger looking, glowing skin is harder to maintain. The best way to achieve visible anti-aging, is to adopt a holistic approach. Complimenting your skincare regime with supplements is definitively the way forward!

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