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As Kate debuts new fringe we ask which bangs are best for you

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Her cascading locks have long been considered her crowning glory, so it was inevitable that the Duchess of Cambridge would turn a few heads when she debuted a brand new look this week.Kate appeared to paying homage to the 70s with a heavily parted fringe and more layers cut into her hair.Her famous glossy mane – which has remained largely unchanged for years – also appeared to be a shade darker.

kate middleton fringe

The new style is believed to have been created by her favourite hairdresser, Richard Ward who has a salon off Sloane Square and has styled the royal's hair for many years.2012 has already been hailed by many as the year of the bang with stars including Beyonce, Nicole Kidman and Rachel McAdams all taking the plunge. The fringes are appearing in all shapes and sizes; Jessica Biel and Zooey Deschanel flying the flag for thick and blunt, while Rooney Mara and Marion Cotillard have chosen to channel an Audrey Hepburn-esque short style.

kate middleton hair

And it now looks likely that Kate's Charlie's Angels-inspired cut will be the latest look on the fringe front. One thing is for certain, with such a ringing endorsement from the trend-setting Duchess, a lot more people will be going for the chop. But which style to choose – a sweeping side fringe like Charlize and Cameron, or sharp and high impact like Jess and Lea Michele? HELLO! Online is here to help you decide which bangs are best for you.The first step is to determine your face shape. Put on a headband so that all your hair is drawn back, then examine your hair line and chin line in the mirror – you can draw some dots near your hair line with eye liner to help you see your shape more clearly. If you were to connect the dots, what shape would you create? That is your face shape.Round face: Same width forehead and lower face with prominent cheeks (Cameron Diaz, Charlize Theron)A long, angular side-swept fringe works best for the round face. When trying to create an oval, a round face needs to be elongated so avoid cutting your hair straight across the widest part of your faceSquare face: Angular jawline and hair line (Jennifer Garner, Rachel McAdams)Be daring and go blunt and full. Square shapes really suit a full fringe but they shouldn't be cut too far towards the outer edge of the eyes. They should also be kept narrower in the centre. Adding layers below the chin will also help elongate the faceOval face: Same width forehead and lower face with longer sides (Zooey Deschanel, Jessica Alba)Any! Oval faces can pretty much wear any fringes because it is the mod balanced face shape. If your face is slightly more oblong, go for a wide fringe which will give the eye area a since of width and stretch the face back into an ovalHeart face: Wider forehead, narrow chin (Reese Witherspoon) Go for long. Avoid wide fringes which will draw attention to the widest part of the head. A fringe that hits below the chin is best because it draws the eye line down creating a sense of length in the face

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