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Let it shine this winter: Top tips from celebrity hair stylist

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With Christmas fast approaching it's time to think about getting gorgeous, party-ready locks.But with crisp winter air often follows dull colour with dry and brittle ends. So treat your hair as you do your skin and adjust your cleanse and care routine according to the seasons.Stylist to the stars, Dylan Bradshaw, who has styled the likes of Nicole Scherzinger, Victoria Beckham and Florence Welch, shares top tips with HELLO! Online for reviving dull winter hair.


Pack in the Protein for Healthy Hair"Winter can take its toll on our hair and we should take care of it on the inside as well as outside. A good supply of protein is very important for good, strong healthy hair growth. The likes of super foods such as nuts and avocados plus meat such as chicken are brilliant because they contain natural fatty oils, which supply us with ‘good fats’ and are very high in protein, equaling shiny, strong strands!"Up your Strand's Shine"If your locks are looking lackluster in the colder months, it's time to stock up on the tomatoes! The Vitamin A contained within them helps to keep your hair strong and full of shine."Outwit Extreme Cold and Central Heating"The cold and dry air can cause the cuticle layer of the hair to lift and going from this to a warm, central heated environment pulls the moisture out of the hair leaving it dry, frizzy and hard to manage. So, ensure your hair gets the essential moisture it needs by enveloping strands in a hydrating serum like Kérastase Elixir Ultime that’s full of nourishing oils, keeping moisture levels up and frizz at bay."


With revived, luscious-looking hair a little pampering still goes a long way when it's cold and dark outside. So, why not treat yourself to a touch of new colour.Joseph Koniak, Artistic Director of Eleven Hair suggests, instead of going with one block colour or highlights, to "think about a gloss colour to give your hair more vibrancy and depth. Warmer and richer tones always work well in the winter. "It's also important to prevent damage when styling your hair: stimulate and exfoliate the scalp. And never fear about using oil-based products near your roots; massaging your scalp will prove to leave your hair feeling more glossy than greasy.And set your alarm five minutes earlier in the winter, you need your hair to be 100 per cent dry before you leave the house to avoid frizz. But a leave-in conditioner or gloss-based serum is also a great optional extra for those days when you feel your hair is dry and unruly.Try swapping regular thermal straighteners for devices infused with Argan-oil which promotes hair-growth and recovery, and enhance the effects with a heat protection spray before you start to style.

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