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Duchess of Cambridge's cascading curls win 'Most Envied Hair'

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Her trademark cascading, mahogany curls have captured the world and millions of girls have attempted to recreate her iconic do. So it’s no surprise that the Duchess of Cambridge topped a 'Most Envied Hair' poll, voted as having the celebrity hair women would most like to have. Seven hundred female participants were asked to rate which star’s hair they envy the most in the survey carried out by haircare retailer, and Kate triumphed with a clear margain.

Coming in second was ex-supermodel and Strictly Come Dancing 2012 star Jerry Hall, whose wavy blonde tresses are also highly desirable. And pop princess Cheryl Cole, whose big, bouffant do has bagged her a seres of L’Oreal Elvive campaigns, came in at third place. Victoria Beckham, Adele, Holly Willoughy and Nicole Scherzinger also featured in the top ten. A spokesperson for commented: "Whether it's Kate's cascading curls or Cheryl Cole's big bouffant, we all want to have the celebrity look. "It was great to see Jerry Hall come so highly on the list – it seems that even after thirty years women still want her iconic look. What's more it is really great to see an older woman as a style icon." And the participations were all eager to share their positive thoughts on Kate's mane. One respondent said: "I absolutely love Kate Middleton's hair - it is a timeless style which just radiates sophistication."

Another commented: 'I have always loved Jerry Hall’s hair, it just has that elegant but effortless quality about it.'It isn't only the Duchess's hair that is most envied however – the 30-year-old has a vast repertoire of desirable traits, one including 'Britain's Best Smiler'. An accolade which HELLO! Online believes to be very well-deserved – the brunette beauty is often spotted flashing her warm, genuine smile, her eyes twinkling. Most Envied Hair1. Duchess of Cambridge 2. Jerry Hall3. Cheryl Cole4. Kelly Brooke5. Victoria Beckham & Adele6. Holly Willoughby7. Nicole Scherzinger8. Michelle Obama .

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