Everything you need to know about super tape extensions

I went to try out the hair extensions loved by celebs for myself...

While many celebrities look like they were just naturally gifted with gorgeous, luscious locks - is this ever really the case? It seems like so many Hollywood stars go from short bobs to bouncy locks in a matter of days - and it’s often down to the wonderful world of hair extensions. But how easy are these seemingly quick fixes for short or flat hair? To see for myself, I visited the Beauty & Melody salon in London to try their popular Russian Remy Hair Extensions for the very first time. Here's everything you need to know... 

They are quick and easy to put it 

Visiting the salon and chatting away to my stylist and hair extensions expert, Mel, I was fully anticipating hours and hours of my hair being gently tugged piece by piece, when it fact it only took around an half and a half - which is the average time of a normal cut and blow dry for me, already having long hair (albeit thin and full of split ends)! I could see why people wouldn't see having them put in as an imposition at all - it was quicker than my usual daily commute! 

They look great (and make you feel great)! 

There's something so lovely about having long locks, particularly if you're someone who has spent years trying to grow it yourself! Upon leaving the salon, I found myself unable to resist swishing my new luscious mane around - much to the annoyance of my fellow Oxford Street shoppers, and even couldn't resist buying a couple of new clothes that I felt would go perfectly with my new long locks!

They are very resistant 

I thought that the hair extensions would mean gently detangling them using every cream under the sun, always using heat protection spray and other varieties of hair products that I, a shampoo and conditioner kind of gal, has never touched before. However, the tape extensions are seriously strong. Since long, long hair inevitably gets quite tangled (especially when you're swishing it around like you're on a L'Oreal advert), and yet despite all of my tough love brushing them, not a single bond has fallen out, or even gotten loose. 

They can match any hair colour 

The problem I have always had with hair extensions (and perhaps explains why I'd only ever tried them once before), is because I have auburn hair, which can be a very tricky shade to get completely right, and of course, no one wants extra long hair that is a different shade to your natural colour, no matter how slight! Despite thinking I would have to give up on my long hair as they couldn't possibly get my colour completely right, Mel found the perfect match for me - and so I am confident that they could get it right no matter what the shade! 

They do need some love and care  

Although you can be rough with them, there are just a couple of regimes you have to keep up to keep them looking gorgeous. For starters, it's important to pick a shampoo and conditioner without sulphates - I went with OGX - as sulphate can damage the extensions. It is also important not to put oil onto the bonds, as they use it to soften them and eventually take them out. If you like using oil to make your hair looks extra soft and shiny, you can still use it on the length - just watch out for the roots! You also need to make sure you shampoo the bonds for longer than you usually might, since they are not getting your hairs natural oils, and so need a bit more TLC to keep them healthy. 

They are a little pricey - but worth it!

Prices start at £300 for a half head of 14-inch extensions, and go up to £795 for a full head at 26 inches. This is a little pricey, but of course worth it if you want to get the look! The extensions can stay in for up to two months, but the value is how long they can last - to up two years. Once you have had them put in once, you can have them put in your hair again and again and half the price of your original purchase - doesn't sound too bad to us! 


My verdict 

After a few weeks of loving my new long, bouncy locks, I couldn't imagine going back to my regular old hair do. The length and volume really does give you an extra confidence that you can't put a price on, and so I would happily recommend them! The big question is - when can I go back to get them refitted?! Check out the extensions here: beautyandmelody.co.uk

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