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5 tricks to help you ditch your hair extensions

Check out our top tips for making your hair look thicker and fuller without using hair extensions...

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Lots of women are not genetically blessed with naturally thick and glossy hair and end up opting for extensions to provide a fuller finish. But the constant strain of foreign hair attached to your scalp can be damaging, and it's important to take breaks or get rid of the extensions all together. But exactly how are we supposed to ditch the extensions and still have the fullness without the fakeness? We got five top tricks from celebrity stylist and Viviscal brand ambassador Neil Moodie…

1. Tousle over tidy

Perfectly neat hair can make it look flatter and thinner. Neil suggests spritzing salt spray then rough-drying your hair with your fingers and a hairdryer. "This will stop the hair from falling flat against your head and will help the appearance of fuller-looking hair," he says.

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2. Go for the chop

The general rule is finer hair should be kept short, and Neil agrees. "The longer it gets, the weaker the hair gets and so it can tend to look lank and straggly on the ends," he says. "There's nothing worse than long hair that doesn't look healthy. I recommend that people with fine or thin hair keep it short in length."

3. Don't overwash your hair

If you generally wear your hair up, make sure it's not always freshly washed. "Having grip on the hair is important for updos – if it's too clean, it will be smooth and slippy," says Neil. "I recommend some root backcombing as this gives support and loosen the style once it's up to add texture and volume."

4. Boost at the root

A lot of people don't realise that in order to create the illusion of thicker hair, the root is where it needs to be boosted. "Thickening spray always needs to be applied at the root as this is where you need the boost," advises Neil.

5. Love your layers

Those with super thin hair might want to look into getting layers: "Layers provide more height and volume in the hair. I recommend subtle layers but make sure you consult your stylist about what's best for you."

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