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How to master your at-home blow-dry like a pro

Get a salon-worthy look at home

kate middleton blowdry
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An at-home blow-dry is so much cheaper, and more convenient, than hitting the salon, and good news; it's actually not that difficult to do yourself! Hollywood beauty Priyanka Chopra previously put her bouncy tresses down to having her hair blown out every day, so how can we go about getting a similar finish without having a movie star budget? We spoke to GHD ambassador, Adam Reed, to find out his top tips on how to get a voluminous finish.

kate middleton blowdry

1. Prep and perfect

Start off by towel drying your hair, you will not be able to achieve that sought after 'salon bounce' with damp hair as this will not only weigh down but also flatten you hair. "For the perfect blow-dry, you need to make sure your hair is about 85% dry before you start styling with your dryer", recommends Reed. After you've done this, apply a small amount of either coconut or argan oil to your hair but avoid the scalp area otherwise this will leave your hair looking greasy. Carefully brush using a detangling hair brush or wide toothed comb, both will work in the same way and act gentle on your scalp when brushing your hair to avoid damaging the ends.

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2. Simply section

Once your hair is semi dry start to part it off into several sections, this is especially important for those of you with thick hair as this will cut down the drying time off your hair which is always a plus as you never want to put your hair through too much heat. Start this process by creating a horizontal parting along the back of your hair and fasten the top section of hair out of the way. Drying the bottom layers first will ensure all the hair is dried thoroughly.

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ghd hairdryer

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3. Handle the heat

To achieve that bouncy blow dry it is all about how you use your hair dryer and products, starting with applying some heat protection spray to avoid damage. The nozzle is your best friend when it comes to getting this look as it focuses on the direction of your hair when it is drying. To start off the styling process, Reed recommends making sure you have the right tools. "Don’t be scared of using a large radial brush", he says. "Go for a bigger brush and you’ll find that you’ll get a perfect finish and great movement in the hair."

Take a small section of hair and layer it on the top end of the brush, then "continually follow the brush with the nozzle of the dryer facing in the direction of the brush" as you pull down to the end of the hair. For curly hair, using a brush will cause the look of frizziness so it is best to dry by scrunching and holding your hair under the heat as this will also achieve a similar finish. Once you're done styling, "seal the hair using the cool setting for a super-smooth look", says Reed.

4. Va va volume

For those who are after volume, velcro rollers are a perfect alternative way of naturally lifting and curling your hair. Focusing on the top layers, particularly for thicker hair, separate individual sections and place the roller at the roots underneath your hair. Pull the roller along the hair and when you reach the ends, roll it back under itself to the scalp. Fasten the roller onto your head with a grip and secure with a medium hold spray. Once you have secured all the rollers, give a final spray and warm gently using a low setting on the hairdryer, this will firmly secure and set the curls so no need to carry hair spray all night long.

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5. Finished and fabulous

Now your hair is beautifully prepped and dried, the final steps allow you to polish the look as much or as little as you like. Remove the rollers and shake your hair gently but be wary of running your fingers through the curls as this can cause it to look frizzy. Position your hair around your shoulders to frame your face and add a spritz of hair spray and you are good to go.

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