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I got super tape extensions to transform my hair into a thick, lustrous mane – here's my verdict

Beauty & Melody salon uses the most luxurious, natural human hair

Ainhoa Barcelona
Ainhoa BarcelonaContent Managing Editor
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The first thing we tend to look at when stars walk the red carpet is their outfit, and after that, their hair. Celebrities like Cheryl, Michelle Keegan and Made in Chelsea's Binky Felstead have been giving us hair goals since forever and I wanted in on their secret. My hair is naturally long and quite thick, but I wanted to transform my tresses into a super, lustrous mane. Cue, Beauty & Melody, and more specifically, their Russian Remy Hair Extensions.

I visited the Marble Arch salon a few months ago (New Year, new me!) to try out hair extensions. As a first-time user, I had my doubts and worries. Are hair extensions painful? Will they damage my hair? Will they fall out? The answer to all these is no. Beauty & Melody use tape extensions, which are the kindest way to add length and thickness to your hair, and the safest method out there. Read on to find out how I got on...

hair extensions salon

I headed to Beauty & Melody salon to try out extensions 

What are tape extensions and how are they applied?

Tape extensions are light, flexible, comfortable and super kind to your hair. Mel, my colourist, applied each extension, which was 1.5inches in width, using glue. The tape lies flat against your head and is fitted a few centimetres from the root, which means your hair can still breathe and your scalp doesn't feel like it’s being pinched. They're so light that they don't pull on or weigh down your hair, meaning minimal damage.

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Do they look natural?

Yes! Mel assured me my hair would still look natural and of course, she was 100 per cent right. She expertly chose shades that would suit my hair; we went for a dark brown and a slightly caramel brown to give a lowlight effect. And of course, the extensions themselves are made from the finest human hair. My other worry was people being able to see the bits of tape on my head. But each tape is applied from underneath your hair and not on the outer layer, so there really are no signs of the extensions, even when you pull your locks back into a ponytail.

hair extensions colour

Mel, my colourist, picked out two shades of brown

Are hair extensions painful?

The first night of wearing my extensions, I must admit, they did feel a bit uncomfortable. I wasn't used to having tape in my hair and could feel them gently pressing into my scalp. But after the first night, there was no pain and there hasn't been ever since.

How long do they take to put in?

With her expert hands, Mel worked efficiently and quickly. My half-head extensions only took a couple of hours to apply, and that included a wash, trim and blowdry as well. Gone are the days of sitting in a salon for five hours!

hair extensions final

My new hair extensions added thickness and a bit of length

How long will they last?

The salon recommends going back after four to six weeks to have the extensions refitted. Your hair will have naturally grown in that time, so it’s best to have them reapplied.

Will my hair extensions fall out?

This was one of my main worries. Imagine walking down the street and a clump of hair suddenly falling out! I've tried tugging and pulling on my extensions, but trust me, they're not going anywhere.

hair extensions back

There are no signs of the tape

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How do I take care of my extensions?

I wasn't allowed to wash my hair for 48 hours after having the tapes fitted as the glue needed to set - not that I wanted to, Mel had done such a fab job styling my hair! From thereafter, she advised washing hair every two to three days using a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Avoid oily masks or conditioners on the scalp as they can make the tapes loose. And after washing, brush and blowdry your hair so your extensions don't get tangled.

hair extensions different colours

The salon has a shade of colours to choose from

What was my overall verdict?

I absolutely loved getting hair extensions, and will be having them refitted no doubt. They feel natural, light and so soft thanks to the real human hair used. I feel like I won't get bored of the swishing and swooshing any time soon!

Prices start from £300,